The Worst Books

In the Thursday Next novels by Jasper Fforde (Lost in a Good Book, The Eyre Affair), there is a character, Gran, who can't die until she has read the ten worst books of all time. Well, I may have found one to add to the list. On a recent foray into a bookstore (where I went for the sole purpose of scouting out the latest mysteries and novels to put on my summer reading list), I spotted a promising volume, The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil. I put in a request for it through my local library since I do. not. buy. books. anymore. The book arrived in no time at all and I settled in to read it. Twenty pages in, I wasn't impressed by the two women who are best friends, or by the two boys who belonged to one of the women., or the plot. I rarely abandon a book, but my patience ran out around page 80. Although not before the new owner of the yard shop had knitted fish for the window display--I kid you not. At least there wasn't a pattern in the back of this book for the fish.

While I'm reviewing books, I'll admit that I didn't like The Friday Night Knitting Club either because of its trite plot and at times, inept writing. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority on this one since every other person I've met who has read it loved the book.

We'll do best books later, but for now, what are your nominees for the Worst Book Ever?


  1. In my whole life I have only abandoned 2 books. Ever. And as a teen I used to read 2-3 books a week during school and who knows how many in the summer. Now that I am grown up I am lucky to do one a month.

    Anyway, 1st book ever abandoned: Hawaii by James Michener. I tried to read this after it was suggested by a teacher of mine in my jr year of high school. I got a few hundred pages in and nearly died of boredom. He's just not my style, but a lot of people like him. To each his own.

    2nd book abandoned: Lady of the Sea (book 3 in the Isolde and Tristan trilogy) by Rosalind Miles. Take books 1 and 2, copy, repeat...over and over and over again. It seems they just copy and pasted a bunch of sections from the first 2 books into the 3rd. Might of been fine if I hadnt already read the first two.

  2. One Michael Cunningham's book. It's called "By Nightfall" in English. So boring! It's not my style, not at all.


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