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It's Just Fabric

Last fall, I decided to join the "Scrap Happy" club at my local quilt shop. It was to start in January and sessions are scheduled on the last Thursday of the month. I checked the store's website for a supply list a few times in December and didn't find one. I didn't think anything of it since the class description said we would be getting tips for organizing our scraps and making small projects out of them.

Then--surprise!--a few days before the first session, I thought to check again and found out that we were to have a pattern book and fabric ready to go for a full-size quilt. At the time, we were having some crummy weather and getting out was difficult. In fact, we had a snow day on the day of the first session. So, in the "scrappy" spirt of the class, I looked at my stash and took a bundle of fat quarters from the Frolic line of with me to class. I had splurged on the bundle last fall at the quilt show in Oaks just because I liked it. Twelve of thos…