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Going to Rehab

Sinta at Pink Pincushion is hosting BOM Rehab.  This is just the push I need to get working on some of those quilting projects that have been languishing.  Here's one of the blocks (#6, I think) for the Thimbleberries 2010 quilt.  I had to make two of these, but this is the one I didn't have to rip out and re-sew!

Know Thyself

Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving for a three day retreat with my sampler guild* in Ocean City, Maryland. This will be my second time on the retreat although the guild has been doing these on a semi-annual schedule for a few years. I have a great time last year relaxing in the hotel lobby, chatting, and looking out at the ocean while stitching away. The problem was, there may have been a little too much chatting and gazing at the ocean as I had to frog the border on my piece in several places when I returned home. That problem isn't limited to stitching retreats as I've had to rip out and restitch on pieces that I've worked on at guild meetings. So, finally, I've learned that I need to keep it simple. I've chosen two pieces for retreats and guild meetings that should keep miscounting and misplaced stitches to a minimum. My bag for retreat is going to contain Carriage House Samplings Alphabet and a needlepoint canvas I picked up on Sanibel Island in Flor…

WIPocalyse Check-in #4

Chapter 2, Not For Us Alone
                                                    February, Anniversaries of the Heart

It seems that I frequently participate in Friday Night Sew-In, but rarely get the chance to come back here and show you what I've done.  So I'll combine that with April's check-in for the WIPocalyse.  I did some work on Not For Us Alone on Friday night although there was some frogging involved and my progress seems minimal.  The man finally got a face and hat, but he still looks like he has a tail since I need to fill in a few stitches on his coat.  Hopefully, this week, the lady on the left will no longer be headless!  Thanks for all your comments on my earlier post about this piece.  I'm still OK with the Montenegrin stitch as it goes quickly.

I finished the February chart for Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart and personalized it with my mother's name and birthdate.  I had backs…

Spring Break Recap and FSNI

Spring break is just a fading memory by this time.  It was a great week that ended with a mini shop-hop with two quilting friends.  We traveled to Generations in Pottstown and  Ladyfingers in Oley, PA. I tried to keep my purchases to a minimum, and only buy coordinates for fabrics already in my stash, but somehow the makings of a whole new quilt ended up in my bag.  One of the things I was looking for was fabric to bind this wall hanging since I didn't like what came in the kit.  The hanging above was done from a pattern by Patchability and kitted by my LQS.  This was something I bought last year and I had actually finished the background.  Doing the fusible applique and machine stitching only took another hour or so and I had a new Easter decoration.   I think I finished the binding on Saturday, so I did get to hang it for this holiday!

During the break and continuing after, we have been dealing with a hospitalization, rehab, and long-term care decisions for my mother-in-law.  I…

Spring Break, 2nd Edition

Spring Break, 2012 is going well.  My husband and I rounded out the weekend by going to see "God of Carnage" at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia.  The play is about two sets of parents who meet to discuss what to do after one couple's son injures the son of the other at the playground.  The parents end up acting like children and it was highly amusing.  An added bonus to the afternoon was running into someone I had worked with until she retired several years ago.  We have a subscription to the Walnut as does she and her husband.  Each of us had exchanged our regular tickets so that we could attend the Sunday afternoon show and we ended up sitting next to each other.  It was so much fun to catch up and see pictures of her newest granddaughter. 

I finished stitching the February chart for Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart last night.  It's too early to get a good photo this morning, so I'll have that for you later.  Next up is Amy Mitten's…