A Fun Time Was Had By All

Tonight is the senior prom and we hosted the pre-prom picture session for seven couples (and their entourages of parents, granparents and siblings). It was a successful event. All the girls looked lovely and the boys were handsome. The picture taking went well even though the soaking rain we got all day in southeastern PA meant we had to have it indoors instead of on our deck. And then the limo arrived--a stretch Hummer. Now, normally I don't approve of such extravagance, but the prom location is 45 minutes away from our house and I'm glad none of the kids are driving in this rain. My husband was so busy helping the girls stay dry under golf umbrellas on the way to the limo while I was checking to be sure that everyone had their evening bags and flowers (I know--I'm such a Mom) that we didn't get a picture of it. There were plenty of other parents documenting every moment, though!
I was happy that I took the entire day off to make this event happen. I was in the grocery store before 7:30 shopping for the event and had the house cleaned by 11:00. I picked my daughter up at school at 12:30 after running a couple of errands and we had a leisurely lunch followed by a session at the hair stylist. Then it was time for food prep and helping my daughter with dressing before everyone arrived. The kitchen's cleaned up and I'm going to spend the rest of the evening with a nice glass of wine and stitching on Jane Longstreth.


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