Sunday, November 16, 2014

Retreat, Part 2

I've  been inspired  by Syd's posts to give the promised re-cap of the October retreat in Ocean City, Maryland.  My friend and I started out early Thursday morning and stopped in Berlin, Maryland for lunch.  We had heard great things about the town and it didn't disappoint.  There are a  number of  antique malls and we explored a few of them as well as an upscale gift store.  Then it was on to Ocean City to check into the Lankford Hotel.   We normally head right to Salty Yarns for a shopping trip, but this time, we saved that for the next day. 

I settled on three projects for retreat and put some stitches in all of them.  Most of my time was spent on adding another part to Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart.  During the weekend, I completed the third section despite having to do some frogging because I was off by one thread in the border.  Fudging it would have been too noticeable so I gritted my teeth and re-stitched.
Once that was done, I started on Blue Ribbons Designs Quilted Garden.  I love the colors and quilt motifs, and wanted to do this even more after I saw it hanging in the lobby at the Lankford.  What you are seeing in this picture is my second start.  The first time, I didn't leave enough margin for framing so I turned it upside down and started again.  This looks like a long-term project!

Finally, I started Plum Street Samplers' Turkey Love.  Her primitive designs are growing on me and they are fun to stitch.  So far, all I've done is the heart and the top of the house.

(Sorry, poor lighting as it gets dark sooo early these days!)

It always seems like the retreat weekend is over way too soon!  I'm sure I could have finished one of these projects if I had just had one more day!  All of these had to be put aside to complete the pre-stitching for the Chessie and Me class I took yesterday.  I'll be working on an exchange piece and some Christmas ornaments next so all of these projects will have to wait until 2015.  (Or maybe 2016 as I almost forgot to mention that my big purchase at Salty Yarns was the NPI silks I'll need to start the Susan Rambo sampler on New Year's Day.) 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Retreat Part 1

I know I promised an update on all those projects I took to the retreat in Ocean City.  Progress was made, but I haven't had much time for photos or stitching.  We took another short trip up to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts to see our daughter and enjoy the fall foliage.  We hadn't seen our daughter since we moved her for her year as a creamery apprentice on a farm.  The trip didn't seem quite long enough, but she only has off one day a week.  We made the most of it by taking a trip up one of the mountains, going into Vermont to a pottery factory and an apple barn, and doing some needed shopping for her.  We also got in a visit to the Clark Art Institute which has some interesting new architecture. The foliage was gorgeous and we kept pointing out the views to each other.

At home, I stitched up this Pine Mountain pillow insert that I bought in Ocean City.  It's perfect for my son who is getting his master's degree in entomology (specifically, soybean pest management) and it's going in the mail to him later this afternoon.

Life is settling down a bit this week and next, so I'll get part two of the retreat pictures up soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Getting Ready for Retreat

At 9:00 tomorrow morning, I'll be on my way to my sampler guild's semi-annual retreat at Salty Yarns and the Lankford Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland.  These trips require more than a little bit of preparation.  About six weeks ago, I started pulling potential projects.  I knew that I wanted to start Blue Ribbon Designs Quilted Garden at the retreat since that piece is hanging on the walls in the hotel. 

I spent some time pulling the DMC threads from the nearly complete collection I have of my own threads and those I inherited from my mother.  And yet, I will need to buy some colors at Salty Yarns, so they went on my shopping list along with the NPIs I will need to start the Susan Rambo sampler in January.

From the possible "small" projects, I chose Turkey Love from Plum Street Sampler.  After all, it is beginning to be that season.
It's only 5" x 5" finished, so I should  be able to get it stitched this weekend, right?  I had the called for Belle Soie threads, but not the NPI silks so they were added to the shopping list. 
Another not so small project, Blackbird Designs' Anniversaries of the Heart, has been calling my name again, and the bonus chart in the Swan Lake leaflet (#7) doesn't look like it will take that long to stitch.  Another project was readied for retreat and more threads were added to the shopping list.
I cut and washed the fabrics and turned to  my stitching bag.  It's a Donna Sharp bag and
I love the pattern.  I tucked the shopping list inside and took a few minutes to clean it out.  Inside was this needlepoint canvas that is sooo close to being finished and is one of my duClay EGA challenge pieces.

So this obviously needs to come on retreat, too, since it's perfect for those late night stitching sessions when my eyes are tired. And then there was the project bag holding Drawn Thread's Prairie Garden that I started on my birthday in August and haven't touched since.  It's also a duClay challenge piece.
That definitely needs to stay in the bag.  The pre-stitch piece for the Chessie and Me class the guild is giving in mid-November will be delivered at the retreat.  I'm thinking I'll need another bag and I haven't even begun to pack clothes or food (I know my priorities!). 
There will be a report next week on what I accomplished in Ocean City.  I hope all of you have a happy stitching weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Making Progress

Wow, less than two months between posts from me--shocking, I know!  It's been a great summer with lots of gorgeous days and cool nights.  We have wonderful memories from our trip to Germany and Vienna at the end of June although it took me quite a bit of July to get back into a routine.  I've been doing a little bit of quilting and little bit of stitching most days along with a lot of reading.  In my stitching life, I've been focusing on one project, Carriage House Samplings Alphabet, and here's my progress to date.
 I'm hoping for a finish in the next two weeks so I can show this off at my guild meeting. 

On the quilting front, I putting together these blocks for a lap-size quilt.  (They are laid out on my "design floor" as I call the ugly green carpet in my basement and are not outside on the grass!)
The blocks were all made last year and then got put aside for another project.  Toes in the Sand has about half the binding sewn on, and I'm planning to do the rest during the Univ. of Miami/Louisville game on Monday night (Go Canes!).  I also spent some time this week making proJaject bags.  My first one is slightly wonky, so it will be mine.  I learned from my mistakes and managed to make the fabric panel straighter on the second one which will be a gift for a friend.   Also managed not to sew the zipper on the wrong way on the second one and remembered to check to see that it was OK before I top-stitched.  The second one took me less than an hour and cost around $8-9.  Since my LNS sells similar ones for $25-30, I'm glad I took the plunge and learned how to do this.  Thanks again to Jackie for telling me about ZipIt, a good source for lower-priced zippers on Etsy.
Nothing too earth-shattering here and the kids are all fine.  Hope all of you are doing well, too.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Finishes!

It seems I've been on a bit of a roll with finishes the past month or so, and have one finished quilt as well as two completed needlework pieces to show for my efforts.

Here's the front

and back of a baby quilt I sent up to my daughter to give to her boss and his wife who had a baby in June.  The top was done a few years ago and is a Schnibbles pattern made from a charm pack.  I originally made it for my nephew's baby.  When I got it done, I thought it looked more like a "boy" quilt and my nephew and his wife had a little girl.  So the top has been waiting in the wings and after an afternoon sandwiching the quilt and doing simple "stitch in the ditch" quilting, it went off to keep little Charlie warm.  The parents live on a farm so this was the perfect quilt.

Harvest Time by Laura J. Perin was an on-line class in counted canvas work.  A three-week class way back in November, 2012...  I don't know why it took me so long to finish this one as it was fun!  Loved doing the grapes in the center (which look more red that they really are in this photo) as well as the borders.  This will be framed and hung in my kitchen.

And last, I finally finished this small piece done over one.
This was a project done at a sampler guild meeting several years ago and meant to be finished as a pin.  I'm probably going to make it into a scissors fob.

Oh, and I finished the "Toes in the Sand" quilt top and have it back from the longarmer.  When the binding is sewn on, I'll post a picture.  I'm diligently stitching on Carriage House Samplers Alphabet and have finished up to 'P,' so hopefully, there will be one more finish this summer.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I've been silent on my blog for awhile, but good things have been happening during the past few months.

My daughter was seated among these graduates on May 10th in Washington, D.C.  We were so proud to see her walk across the stage and to celebrate a very successful college career.  The boys were with us for the weekend, too, so it was a special family time.  Although, as I told several of my friends, who knew that when I became a mother, I would also become a travel agent.  The boys were flying in from Baton Rouge and from Austin (where the older one had been for work the week before graduation).  I ended up helping them coordinate flight times to arrive in Philadelphia at approximately the same time, and then making sure we got one to the Philadelphia airport on time for the return to Baton Rouge and the other on a train back to New York.  It all worked out and my daughter came home from DC a few days later.  Just enough time to see a couple of friends and repack to move to western Massachusetts.  Which meant another weekend on the road for us, and a chance to explore a part of the country we had never been to.  We can't wait to go back to the Berkshires in the fall to see the foliage.

We were in Ocean City, Maryland the first weekend in June when I took the Edinburgh Etui class from Betsy Morgan.  I'll post more about that later, but I did come away with part of the project finished.  No pictures yet, as I'm not completely satisfied with my work and plan to redo part of it.  My husband enjoyed people-watching from the deck of our unit at the Lankford as well as having a friend come spend the day with him while I was in class. 

In the meantime, I finished one of my challenge pieces for the duClay EGA.  As you may recall, 99 Bottles is a piece that my husband selected for me to stitch and then requested progress updates just about daily.  He was thrilled to see it finished and we took it to the framers the very next day.
It actually was pretty fun to stitch and nice to have lots of small "finishes" as I completed each bottle.

As I write this, it's about 5:30am and I've been up since 2:00 due to jet lag.  We returned yesterday from a fabulous trip to eastern Germany, Prague and Vienna.   I missed stitching during the two weeks that we were away, so today I plan to nap and stitch!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Although I've been absent from blogland for awhile, I've been plugging away at a few of my projects.  The picture above shows my progress on Harvest Time, a counted canvas piece by Laura J. Perin.  It was offered as a three week class (ha!) last year, but became a UFO and one of my pieces for the duClay EGA yearly challenge.  I'm skipping around on it a lot because I don't enjoy working with the metallic ribbon.  I do love the grapes as they are a padded stitch and that gives them a bit more texture 
I'm now at 73 bottles and  counting on Ink Circles 99 Bottles.  I didn't meet my self-imposed deadline of finishing by March, but the end is in sight.  This is another one of my EGA challenge pieces.  Last year I finished four out of ten pieces for the challenge and one of those was just under the wire.  So I feel I'm a bit farther ahead this year. 
Piecing continues on Toes in the Sand and I'm hoping for a finish in early May.  I've been filling a lot of my time with reading as I won several books in giveaways.  Some of my favorite authors have new books out and I have a small backlog of library books to read as well.  Currently, I'm enjoying the new Laura Lippman book, After I'm Gone.
We traveled quite a bit during March and I felt as if I was becoming a resident of Washington, DC as I was through there four times.  I went to the needlework exhibit at Woodlawn with a friend--she's always good company and the exhibit was good.  My husband and I went to Asheville, NC to watch my son run a marathon (2nd in his age group behind his college cross country teammate!) and tour the Biltmore estate.  Gorgeous house that is four acres--now there's a lot of space to hang needlework!  On the way back, we were routed through DC and then at the end of the same week, we went back to DC to visit our daughter.  I got lots of background stitching done on a couple of needlepoint pieces while riding in the car, but I'll wait to show them until the pieces are finished.
I'll be heading to Ocean City, Maryland on Thursday for my sampler guild's retreat.  I spent some time in the stash over the last month or so, pulling projects and culling a few that I'm no longer interested in.  I came up with twelve possible new starts for retreat.  Twelve!!  Do you think I have too much stash?  Is that even possible?  Three of the projects made the cut and will be in my retreat bag.  Hopefully, I'll have some progress to show you next week on at least one of them. 
And in a final bit of news, we have a den of foxes living under our gazebo.  There are five kits who provide us with hours of entertainment.  We consulted the people at a nature center who told us that the foxes would be gone by mid-summer.  We're thinking that once we are out on the deck more and the lawn mowers start that the mother will relocate them sooner.  So we're enjoying their antics while we can, and loving that the squirrels no longer bother our bird feeders. 
I hope you're also enjoying spring!