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Stitching Along

This blog has been quiet, but I've actually been stitching quite a bit this year.  Here's my progress on Starstruck, a charted needlepoint design by Kathy Rees of Needle Delights, done in the blue/green colorway.  The duClay EGA chapter in Jacksonville, Florida is hosting a stitch-along for any Kathy Rees design, and I'm delighted to stitch with them.  

I took a class, Afternoon Leisure Basket, with Sherri Jones at Salty Yarns in Ocean City, Maryland last weekend.  I'm headed back down to OC tomorrow for my guild's spring retreat.  I spent a large portion of this afternoon deciding on projects to take and organizing my stitching bag. There are six projects, all WIPs, in my bag.  My goal is to make a lot of progress on Ellen Chester's Milady's Workebox, and do some work on Ann Smith (The Scarlett Letter).  Over the years, I've learned to take projects that are at the stage of filling in solid areas of stitching or that require minimal counting.  To tha…