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I'm Still Here

 I've been back at work for seven or eight weeks now and am once again discovering how much that interferes with sewing time.  Work has been busy as I adjust to two new schools, but this past week, I felt as if my head was above water.  At least I wasn't running through lists of things I needed to do through my head every night.

This fall, though, it's not just work that is taking up my time.  I've been going to physical therapy in the evenings to relieve the lower back and shoulder pain I've had for six months.  Sometimes the treatments and the exercises have caused the pain to spike for a day or two and I usually don't feel like sewing when I get home from the appointments.  I'm happy to say I've gotten a lot of relief and will probably be finished with therapy next week. 

Speaking of time consuming, we bought a new car.  Thank goodness I only do this every 8-10 years as it's not a quick process.  I love my new machine and will post more about …