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I'm Back!

Thanks for your encouraging comments about my retirement!  I finished work on June 14 and barely had time to breathe before we left for a two-week trip to Alaska and British Columbia.  Before we left, I had a dream that I had 25 minutes to take a shower and pack my suitcase before it was time to go to the airport.  Do you think I had a little bit of anxiety about getting everything done?!  Despite the packing angst, we have a terrific time on a cruise through the inside passage in Alaska and touring Victoria and Vancouver.  We were with my sister and her husband which was fun.  The weather was amazing as we only had one day of drizzle when we arrived in Seattle and then one brief rainstorm in Juneau.  In fact, the weather was so warm that I had to stop in the Hudson Bay department store and purchase a couple of short-sleeve tops because I had packed for 60 degree temperatures, not 80 degrees.  We have lots of great memories, including Sawyer Glacier in the Tracy Arm Fjord
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