3 Squares a Day

If you've looked at my sidebar, you might have noticed that I have a problem with startitis that has led to 34 current WIPs. Which is why I couldn't leave well enough alone when I finished the canvas fish and had to start Postcard from Paradise (Blue Ribbon Designs)even before I put the last stitch in the Striped Bass.
If I do three squares a day and one strand of the dividing lines, I'll have this done in mid-July.


  1. Hi Susan - I've been remiss in reading my fave blogs for the past couple of weeks - I thought your fish was really neat and your story of living thru Katrina cat 1 in Key West was harrowing to say the least. Being a native Floridian - I dread hurricane season every year - not knowing when the next big one is going to hit and wreck your life and the lives of many others. Glad you made some of your goals on your 1000 days - Melody


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