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EGA Challenge Part 2

When last I left you (can it really be almost a month ago?), I was listing the projects that I hope to complete for the duClay EGA Chapter's challenge.  Here are three more.  That egg on the top is part of a series of twelve that were kits of the month a long while back at Fireside Stitchery, one of my LNSs.  I, of course, have all the kits, but what you see above is all that is stitched on any of them.  I got intimidated by the amount of compensation I need to do for the background stitches and put it aside.  I pick it up now and then, but find I spend so much time looking at where I left off that I don't get anything done.  So I just need to dedicate myself to working on this, and perhaps going out to Fireside (no affiliation) for some assistance.

Harvest Time is a Laura J. Perin design that she offered as a three-part class online in the fall.  I have read all the instructions from the class, but just haven't executed them.  It went pretty quickly when I did stitch…