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WIPocalypse Check-in #2

Grace Mason (Of Female Worth)  The verse over one
Grace Mason is finally done!  Some of us on the Legacy board had Thanksgiving Day starts one year.  I'm thinking that must have been in 2006.  As I've mentioned in other posts about this piece, the verse was the text for the sermon at my mother's funeral, and this was the first piece I worked on after we returned from the trip to the Midwest for the service.  I've also mentioned in other posts that I remember working on the border as I sat with my mother's sister, who was 90 at the time, and listened while she tried to come to terms with giving up her apartment and moving to assisted living.  Lots of memories in this piece. Now I'm concentrating on Lizzie Kate's ABCs of Aging Artfully.  I've managed to "personalize" this piece by miscounting threads in the first row which means I'll have to fudge here and there.  This piece is either going to be made into a pillow or framed to hang in th…

A Belated Valentine

I finished the stitching for this Pine Mountain pillow a few days before the 14th.  I think it's called Spots of Valentines.  After attaching a ribbon hanger to the pillow from the kit, I had my first finished project of 2012.  It's still not clear to me what that the spot in the lower right hand corner is supposed to be-candy, a fish?

I hope all of you had a special Valentine's Day.  My mother was born on February 14, so the day has always had special significance for me.  My husband is great about getting flowers and a card but this year he really outdid himself and got me an iPad2.  He told me that after 36 years of marriage, he knew I would be happier with new technology than with a piece of jewelry.  He knows me so well!  I'm having a lot of fun with the iPad and especially like reading blogs on it as the pictures are so clear.

My school district is closed tomorrow and Monday, so I have a four day weekend.  I'm planning on lots of stitching time.  Grace Mason…

WIP Wednesday

We haven't seen too many real snowflakes in our area this year, so I'm creating a few for a quilt.  So far, I've got two done and eight to go after taking a class on fusible applique.  This technique does take some time with all the tracing, cutting, ironing and sewing, but I find that I enjoy the process.  The ten snowflake blocks will be pieced together with blocks representing short and tall evergreens.  Even though I'm a day early, I'll take a page from Punxsatawney Phil, our illustrious Pennsylvania groundhog,  and predict that this quilt will be done by early spring.