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Out and About

I was feeling that my husband and I were already settling into a little bit too much of a routine now that we're both retired.  It's great to spend a leisurely hour or two each morning reading the papers and then moving on to a few chores followed by lunch, more reading and some stitching.  But I also felt we needed to have a little more adventure, so one day this week, I told him he needed to be ready to leave the house at 9:45.  Not until we were on the train into Philadelphia did I tell him the plan for the day.

Our first stop was the Philadelphia Art Alliance to see the Sunshine and Shadows exhibit I had read about.  The pieces were created from film strips deaccessioned by the Fashion Institute of Technology.  The artist cut the film strips apart, bleached or painted them and then stitched them back together into quilt patterns.  There are only five pieces in the exhibit, but it was interesting, as was the exhibit of Lithuanian textiles on the upper floor.  I was particul…

Making Progress

In the past few weeks, I've settled into a bit more of a routine and I'm accomplishing quite a bit on the home front.  I don't know about your house, but ours seems to accumulate piles of papers.  In between lunching with friends (most of whom will, sadly, have to return to work at the end of August), I've managed to put a lot of that paper in the recycling bin or file it away.  So our house is looking somewhat less cluttered.

I've also settled into a bit of a stitching routine and am usually able to work on quilting for a hour or two each afternoon, and stitching for around two hours in the evening.  I have a quilt almost assembled so I'll so I hope to show that in my next post.  But the star of today's post is my progress on the Scottish Band Sampler (Scarlet Letter).  I'm nearly done with all those letters and the double running stitch around them. 

The scalloped section below the letters is charted for eyelets.  I'm not much of a fan of the e…