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Getting Ready

Jackie posted about cleaning out her stitching bag so she can get ready for retreat this weekend.  I'm going to the same retreat, and thought I had better clean out my bag as well.  Here are the contents:
Not too bad since this is the bag I use each week for an afternoon of stitching with friends.  But take a look at that small owl on top of the green pouch.  It's from a kit to teach how to stitch on linen that I bought several decades ago from a shop that has long since closed.  It's all stitched, so what is it doing in my bag?  It is now in the "to be finished" pile and won't be going on retreat!
The rest of the things are much more current and more or less in progress and some are going back in the bag.  The kit from the Lauren Sauer class I took with the duClay EGA last fall is there and some of the ladies are going to be stitching on it again this weekend.  I'm a little obsessed with Ann Smith right now and that's in the large clear bag under the…