It's the little things

About 6 months ago, the remote key for my van stopped working. I tried replacing the battery and nothing happened. Ditto for the spare remote. I put off doing anything about it until I had to take the van in for inspection and routine maintenance this week. I had it in my mind that fixing the remote would be expensive so I "suffered" through months of having to unlock the driver's door and then hitting the unlock button to get the rest of the van's doors open--so 1990. Not to mention that I felt unsafe in parking lots at night while I stood around trying to get the key in the lock. Well, my old road dog thinks she just came from the factory after an oil change, new rear tires, a new pollen filter (who knew that cars even had one of those??) and a new brake light (again, I didn't even know if wasn't working). All of this required an overnight stay at the dealer's because one part wasn't available and produced a bill not unlike that of an overnight hospital stay. The remote added a whole $13.23 to the total and let me tell you it was worth every penny when I was able to open up the back of the van to put groceries in without having to use the key.


  1. I'm glad you were able to open the door of your car.


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