Summer Reading

I mentioned in a previous post that I don't buy books anymore--well, not many books and certainly not very often. This is why. It's about half the books that are stored in a closet in my sunroom. They were moved there three years ago when we remodeled our master bath and I had to take books out from under my bed and nightstand. They're causing the shelves to sag slightly. And I'm not even showing you the books that have crept back under my bed and my nightstand, nor the ones that are piled on top of the TV in my bedroom. (We rarely watch the TV but it makes a great bookshelf.) So I'm making a commitment to read at least 10 of these books while I'm off for the summer. That's one book a week. Now if I could just keep from checking the latest bestseller out of the library.


  1. I'm glad you're out for the summer Susan - Yeah for you! and all your goals - I hope you meet them all er' at least the important ones LOL ! I am not a reader as it takes away from my precious little time for my needlework but I do want to read a book by Eugenia Price that was written about Fleming Island - the area where I moved last year. There was a plantation called Laurel Grove on the site where my subdivision (also called Laurel Grove) now sits - I have a keen interest in history and since this book has some historical facts - I am now anxious to find it and start it. Eugenia spent part of her life in the nearby Golden Isles of Ga and she is buried on St Simons Island in the Episcopal church cemetery I think - OMG - sorry about that - probably TMI - have a great summer kiddo ~ ~ Mel


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