The 25-Project Challenge

The infamous Striped Bass (see below) finished off my 25-project challenge. I went off my rotation to finish it because I wanted a new project to take on an upcoming road trip and because I wanted to accomplish one of the things on my 101 Things in 1000 Days list. The challenge is an idea from Cherylann who wanted to reduce the number of projects in her stash. The challenge is whatever you want it to be. Mine was not to buy new charts although I could purchase threads and other supplies to complete designs I already have. And I made an exception to the challenge to be able to buy a limited edition design and the JCS ornament issue. I also included classes in my exception. I completed a 10-project challenge at the end of 2007 and started a 25-project challenge. I made it to 8 projects--twice!!--before I caved and bought a new chart. I started again in July, 2008 and finished just the other day. Which is why I only bought this when I stopped at the LNS on the way home from my Sampler Guild meeting a few weeks ago. I fell in love with using petite needles when I got one in my Elizabeth Bechtel kit last year, and it seems I never have enough of them. The threads are for the Keep Me Sampler, just in case I run out, and you know that we stitchers can never have enough project bags! Of course, I looked at several great charts, but they're all on my wish list for now, and I'm glad I stuck with my challenge!


  1. Susan, you are stretching that discipline to the max!! Best of luck to you!

  2. Susan - Yeah for you ! You are doing so well with keeping true to your goal - I don't even want to know how many WIP's I have LOL - your mention of Elizabeth Bechtel made me remember that I have that beauty waiting and crying for attention. Wish you would show a photo of her on your blog when you have time - Mel

  3. Just found your blog from my readings on Legacy! Glad I found you. Good luck with your discipline and not buying anything. Seems like you've done an excellent job so far. And I love your Amy Mitten piece. I'd love to get my hands on that!

  4. I am glad that you bought only that. You never know when you need a new WIP or when some WIP has to be hurried.


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