Today was the last day of school for me and for my daughter. She survived the junior year of high school--her first, our last. It's hard to believe that my little girl is now a senior.
The last day of school has had a lot of variations over the years. There have been the years when I was copying a report that needed to be sent out that day as the principal was locking up her office and looking pointedly at her watch. Other years, I've finished all my work the day before, and enjoyed a morning of saying goodbye to the students who are moving on to the next school. This year, I was working up until the last minute because I took the time to really clean out my room. It was time. I started in my current position 17 years ago and today I threw out some things that my predecessor had left. I took a short break to join the rest of the staff as we waved goodbye to the buses. I'm not ashamed to admit that's one of the best moments of the school year! Then it was off to the staff luncheon to catch up with colleagues and wish everyone a great summer. It was a good year, but I'm glad it's over.
And now on to summer. Housework has been non-existent the past six weeks as I spent many hours writing reports and attending my daughter's school activities in the evenings and on the weekends. So I have lots of plans to put the house right again and get some routine maintenance done. And plans to read, stitch and make quilts. Plans to take my daughter on college tours and to some of our favorite shops. Plans to catch up on my sleep. Plans to lose 20 pounds. Plans to work two mornings a week in summer school.
But for tonight, I have no plans except to enjoy the wonderful feeling of school being out for summer.


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