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Summer's End

I'm enjoying a leisurely morning.  I've finished a book (The Thread of Truth by Marie Bostwick) and gone to the gym (spin class--never gets easier no matter how many time I do it).  Everyone else in the house had a late night and all are sleeping in, allowing me a few more moments before I need to get ready to go to the mall with my daughter.  She's headed off to Scotland at the end of the week and doesn't think the winter coat she bought two weeks ago will be warm enough.  So we need to look again.  Today is our designated packing day.  Remember I'm a genius at packing so we will be sure to get the maximum amount into those suitcases for my little clotheshorse.  (She inherited that trait from my husband.  I'm a jeans and T-shirt person myself.  Buying clothes just doesn't compare to acquiring books and needlework stash.)

Last week I endured four days of inservice at school.  It's great to be back and see everyone, but it really is torturous to sit thr…