A New Year, A New Start

Today's my birthday (56--I know I mentioned it awhile back, but thought I would refresh the memories of any readers who, like me, have "senior moments"). When I turned 50, I used the occasion to start a new cross stitch project and I continued that on each of my birthdays thereafter. Here's a photo of Elizabeth Rush which I started when I turned 50:

And one of Spanish Wine that I started on another birthday:

(Sorry about the photo. It's a rainy day here in the Philadelphia area which should relieve some of the heat we've had the past week or so. Perfect for sitting on the couch and stitching.)

And a photo of my progress on Nutmeg Needle's Patchwork Pieces that I started last year:

The Keep Me Sampler was also a birthday start.

Looking at these projects I know two things--where all of my needles go (each of these pieces has at least one stuck in it) and that I have a short attention span. So, on this birthday, my new start isn't a new project, but rather a new challenge. I'm going to begin again on a 25 project challenge. That means no new chart/kit purchases until I've finished 25 of the things already in my stash. I am going to allow myself an exception to buy the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue since I've got the whole collection, and some wiggle room for a limited edition chart/kit that I love or an SAL that my sampler guild might do. I'll be wishing for will power when I blow out my candle tonight!


  1. YGG! Good luck with the 25 'program'. I did that for awhile but caved. I would love to stitch more from my stash but with Market right around the corner, I don't have the will power. Your birthday WIPs are all beautiful, though--and definitely deserve to be worked on a bit more, so that will be fun. :)

    Happy birthday! Wishing you many happy dances now and throughout the coming years.

  2. I think that I should follow in your footsteps and try this 25 project thing. Lord knows my stash could use a little depleting. I love the projects that you've started and maybe one of those will be in that top 25!! Happy Birthday too!

  3. Happy, happy birthday!!! All of your WIPs are beautiful, I love Elizabeth! I'm another one who should follow your lead on the 25 project program, I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all of my projects right now. Hope you have a fantastic day!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! Good luck with your new challenge. Your WIPs are beautiful!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Susan - I love your birthday starts - they are all wonderful - I could never do that "25 project" thing - I would probably have better luck giving up stitching. Don't get me wrong I admire you and respect you and wish I had that kind of will power but sometimes I need the lift and excitement of gathering supplies for a new project. Sorry - the confession of a true addict - Hope you enjoy your birthday and have a great coming year full of happy stitches! Mel

  6. HI Susan,
    That lovely new kit is gorgeous! I hadn't seen that one before. Also, I have that same Quilt Project you are working on, and I only have the border and one block done. Maybe I will pick that up in the Fall. It's a lovely piece, and I love quits. I may end up changing my colors though so that it matches my decor in my stash room, which at the moment is a lavender blue. Looking forward to watching your progress. I didn't realize we were so close in age. I am 57, as of June. What is your birthday month? And also a belated Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a wonderful day for you. My sister and nieces and nephews came by on my birthday in June and did a surprise birthday with cake and ice cream and all kinds of presents. It was a surprise and very nice of them to remember me. It will seem strange doing holidays without my Rog in the future....ahh...life is so different altogether right now. I am managing, but I look forward to when I can get up and look forward to the day as opposed to just getting up and making myself do things because they are there to do. I know, that sounds terrible, but it is reality for me at the moment. Love and hugs! Thank you for all the prayers and sweet words of comfort you shared with me. Cathy

  7. Such lovely starts you have going! Hope that you day is extra special! Happy, Happy Birthday, Susan!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am currently in a 50 Stitch Own Stash challenge and have finished 21 items since Jan. 1. I have only gone off the wagon twice but it has been easier than I thought. Everytime I get the urge to buy, I just pull out my stash and let the guilt of all of the unstitched items persuade me otherwise.

    I will have to say you have some beautiful projects started. Enjoyed looking at your blog.

  9. I have some WIPs too. I should finish them, and I have no choice but to do it, because there are many future WIPs on my list yet to stitch. I am glad I have been able to catch up a little though.


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