Hurray For Hollywood

We're back from a trip to the Los Angeles area to visit my son. He actually lives in an apartment complex on the other side of the hill that has the famous Hollywood sign. This was our second trip to the West coast this year. Last time we saw Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Strip, and ate in Mel's Diner. This time we did a lot more exploring and went to visit a college with my daughter as well as going to Manhattan Beach and Huntington Beach.

We also took the Warner Brothers' Studio tour which was terrific. Two hours full of information about movie and television show sets and how things are filmed. For example, we were told how colored leaves were wired onto trees on a set since there isn't a change of seasons in LA. We even got our picture taken in front of a "green screen." I figured there would be an extra charge for this, but it was a gift at the end of the tour and we have a great shot of us standing in front of Hagrid's cottage from the Harry Potter movies. My son was supposed to join us on the tour, but he had a job interview. Warner Brothers was super and issued a gift certificate that he can use to take the tour anytime he wants.

Keep your fingers crossed for my son. He's been working at a part-time job in his field and picking up other part-time jobs to make ends meet (one was in a supermarket and the highlight of that employment stint was having Hilary Duff ask him where the wine was). Because of the economy, he's having trouble getting a second part-time job right now, so we're all hoping that this new, full-time job comes through for him. It's hard having him so far away and trying to help him work through some of the things that all young adults have to do to get established. So it was great to see him and spoil him a little bit. Not to mention getting to enjoy the weather in Southern California!

Even with all the activities we did, I read four books and completed another needlepoint ornament on the trip. I also made a good start on the July Bauble (SamSarah Designs) that I'll show you tomorrow.


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