And There He Goes

The car was loaded last night so that we could start out before 9:00 this morning to take my son back to college. He took charge of both the packing and loading which was nice to see. The trip was smooth and he checked in about the same time as his roommate. We had been anxious to see the new dorm room since we had heard about how much nicer it was than the freshman dorm. We weren't disappointed and I, as a veteran of 20 college tours over the last three years, can say that it is the nicest dorm room I've ever seen, bar none. First of all, it's carpeted, and second, it has at least 12 foot ceilings. And a private bath. The boys could bunk their beds which was an impossibility last year since the one on the top would have had only about 2 feet of head room. The closets are moveable so there are a number of ways the furniture can be arranged and still allow for lots of open space. It's fabulous!
The rooms at either end of the hall are suites consisting of two single rooms, one double and a bath with a double sink on the top floor with a staircase down to a large common room, a kitchenette and another bathroom plus two more rooms on the bottom floor. Sort of a mini-townhouse. Now I really feel like I went to college in the dark ages, but I did love my spacious room with its hardwood floors in the oldest women's dorm on campus. Oh, I guess that dates me again since we actually had "men's" and "women's" dorms. One of the colleges we looked at the summer had rooms on either side of a bathroom. The students sharing the bathroom may or may not be the same sex!
Oh, and about that packing. Seems my son remembered to pack his Wii (again, I went to college in the dark ages) but not his DVD player or his printer. I'll be going to one of his cross country meets in a few weeks and those items plus a few other things will go with me.
Tomorrow's my first day back at work for the school year. It's inservice for four days and then the students come back next Monday. So, am I scurrying around packing up all the things I brought home for the summer and generally getting ready for an earlier morning than I've been accustomed to? Nah, I'm a seasoned professional and have 25 "first days of school" under my belt. I'm going to plant myself on the couch and finish the canvas ornaments I started during the trip to college today.


  1. I don't know what's worse, the packing up to take them to college or unpacking their dorm room for the summer. It sounds like a wonderful dorm room!

  2. Hope you son will adjust and be very happy and productive at school this year. Sounds like he is off to a great start. I did not get to comment on your quilt project - hummm - I might better rethink my own quilting adventure - my mantra has been NO QUILTING but spending so much time lately around the olde green cupboard has me wavering and cracking under the pressure.LOL - Good luck with your 25th start of school! Mel

  3. I hope your 25th start of school will be smooth.


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