He's Back!!

And here's the laundry to prove it!! This is what my son brought back with him from his 10-week stint as a counselor at an overnight camp. We picked him up on Sunday and I've been slowly working my way through the wash. He's home for the rest of this week and then we take him back to college on Sunday so he can do pre-season training with the cross country team. The camp experience was great for him in terms of helping him mature and forcing him to interact continuously with his peers. It seems as if he learned some things about social interactions. As an added bonus, he lost 25 pounds!! He needed to lose the weight and looks great. I think the camp should buy a hot tub and market themselves as a spa part of the year. I'd be one of the first ones to sign up!

Thanks for all of the comments following my post about my son's special needs. We are very proud of him for continuing to try his best every day. And I have to give some credit to my daughter who is very patient with him. She tries to smooth the way for him when she can and has always been his best friend.

Sunday was our 34th wedding anniversary. Yep, it's only three days after my birthday. I blame my mother, both for my birthdate and my wedding date. Seems I was a tiny bit late arriving and my birth was induced so Mom had a little bit of say in choosing which day it would be. I got engaged in March of my senior year in college and in those days, engagements weren't usually as long as they are now. We decided to get married in August (in Nebraska, in an un-airconditioned church no less) and I wanted a date later in the month. But my sister was president of her sorority that year and had to be back at college early. My mother was the school librarian and she had to be back at work at the end of August. So we settled on the 16th. I have great memories of my wedding day. My dad was so nervous walking me down the aisle that I knew I had to look confident or both of us would be in tears. Everyone thought my husband was nervous because he kept shaking his leg. Actually, sweat was running down it and he was trying to cool off. My grandmother had not been feeling well, but she rallied and was able to come to the ceremony. My gown was the most expensive dress I had ever purchased (all of $150) and when I said something about the cost to my mother, she said "It's not just one night. It's 50 years." Only 16 to go!


  1. Thanks for coming over and commenting on my blog. My birthday and anniversary are 2 days apart -- next week! It'll be 17 years for us.

  2. It was fun to hear the story of how you were "forced" into an August wedding by your family's needs - I can't imagine being married in an un-air conditioned environment - I think we were all just more tolerant when we were younger. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy - Melody


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