100 Blocks Finished

In March and April, I took a class at a local quilt shop to learn how to make a Perkiomen Valley quilt. I should have put some more thought into this for two reasons-- 1) it was advertised as an advanced beginner, but I should have realized from looking at the sample quilt that it involved more skill than that and 2) it's a lot of blocks. 100 to be exact. 92 of the blocks are like this one and believe me, I'm showing you one of my the best ones where all of the triangle points lined up. Trust me, that didn't always happen on the first try and sometimes not even on the third try. Anyway, all of the blocks are done and I need to move on to the next step of doing the layout and trying to align the triangle points when sewing all these blocks together. I've just been a bit distracted by other things, like the super easy quilt with large blocks and no corners to match that I did for my sister and the other super easy quilt I'm doing for my son.

There are a few good things about doing this quilt. It's got one of my favorite fabric lines in it, Wildflower Serenade for Kansas Troubles (Moda), in my favorite dark green. I really did learn some new skills, particularly about accurate cutting. It's meant to be a scrappy quilt and the idea was to dip into the stash to cut no more than 10 blocks from a fabric. Since I didn't have much of a stash, I got to go to the quilt store a lot and my stash has significantly increased. So I have plenty of fabric to do another one of these but just not anytime soon.


  1. Don't rush. Take your time. One block at a time. You will tame it! I know it.


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