There, That's Better

Remember the baby blanket in the last post that was 3/4 done? Well, I got to the end and cast off. Then I tried to pick up the stitches on the sides to do a border and ended up with loops and pulled stitches. I looked at my earlier knitting once again and decided it all had to come out. Even though this isn't perfect, I'm getting much better with the tension and my work is much more even. Maybe the 15th or 16th time is the charm.

This picture is dark because I'm not home much during daylight hours these days. I leave to take my daughter to school and then go on to work about the time the sky is beginning to lighten up. I've been staying at work to get paperwork and plans together until I have to pick up my daughter at 5:15. This spares her a bus ride home and gains her some time to shower and eat before she goes out to a trumpet lesson or work on some evenings. We eat a quick dinner when we get home and then my husband and I walk for half an hour. It's usually getting dark by the time we get back.

Then it's the usual evening routine--trying to catch up on the mail, newspaper, wash/ironing, school paperwork until around 9 when I call it quits and sit down to stitch. Except that's been interrupted twice in the last week or so by having to attend the Open House at my daughter's high school (our last one and I danced on the way out of the building; 18 years of back-to-school nights for three kids, often in three different schools has come to an end and I deserved a celebration) and the Open House at my school. There were also two cross-country meets, a big, formal wedding at a hotel in Philadelphia, and a book discussion group during the past ten days. Typical fall for us.
This is a three-day weekend for me and I am enjoying. Miami vs. Virginia Tech and some stitching on Petit Sampler Etui this afternoon, finishing the piecing for a quilt tomorrow, and hopefully a new quilt start on Monday. Pictures and updates to follow!


  1. I think that you're knitting looks great, but so sorry that you had to take all of that out. Knitting is something of a science, I think. I don't think that for a long time I was able to start and finish anything without taking it apart once.

    Hope that you have a peaceful weekend - your week sounds horrendous - and get some crafy time in.

  2. I think it looks just beautiful! I'm sorry you had to re-do.

  3. Susan I'm sorry I missed posting when it was fresh - I'm behind on everything - I think your knitting will definitely improve the more you do it - it's a zen type thing for me - I almost always knit a few rows before bed even if I've been stitching in the evening. I'm happy for you that you've attended your last Open House - having never had children - I am always in awe of what women (and men) get accomplished after working all day and caring for a family - whew - makes me tired just thinking about coping with that LOL - Hope you persist with your knitting - I always encourage people to knit because I am a firm believer in the benefits of knitting - even simple mindless projects can be beautiful. Enjoy! Mel

  4. Do not give up. One stitch at a time. I have done the same dozens of times. Sometimes ripping it apart may give the yarn a new life as a part of some needlepoint project.


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