Another Challenge

I found out about this reading challenge from Anna. I've always been a reader, like my mother, aunt and grandmother before me. I'm sure that all my kids will remember about their childhoods is me saying "Just a minute until I finish this page." I got hooked on audio books a number of years ago and that has broadened my horizons since I don't have nearly as much time to read as I'd like. And I really, really like to make lists. So this challenge is a natural for me.
My next 10 books will probably be:
1. Ocean Waves-Terri Thayer (a quilting mystery)
2. Rabbit at Rest-John Updike
3. Under Orders-Dick Francis
4. Shoot the Moon-Billy Letts
5. Understanding Poverty-Ruby Payne
6. The Weight of Silence
7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
8. A murder mystery to be determined
9. ?
10. ?
All but 2 of these will be from my shelves, so I'll also be accomplishing my goal of reading some of the books I own.


  1. I joined this challenge too. I just have to pick our what books I want to read. I have a ton, but gives me a reason to go to the bookstore!!


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