Spring Break 2012, Early Edition

Spring break has gotten off to a fine start.  After I left school yesterday, I headed for the nail salon for a mani/pedi.  The salon is far less busy on a Friday afternoon than during the weekends and I realized that I was also far more relaxed since I wasn't thinking about the dozens of things I needed to be accomplishing in only two days off work.  Then it was time to head into Philadelphia where we were being treated to a meal at one of the hotels.  Our acquaintance brought along his 13 year old son whom we had never met.  He was such a delight that I found myself wishing he and my daughter were closer in age.  The meal was fabulous--I had venison, of all things.  Definitely outside my usual restaurant fare of seafood, and it was terrific.

Having done my Weight Watchers weigh-in yesterday afternoon, I was free to sleep in this morning.  I'm usually up around 5:00 so it was wonderful to be able to sleep until 7:00.  This morning (a gray one in this part of Pennsylvania), I've been puttering around making lists of the things I hope to get done in the next few days, choosing books to read next and organizing some needlework projects.  My current one is the February block in Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart.  As you can see, it's nearly finished.  I'm going to personalize it with my mother's name as she was born on February 14.  We're staying in tonight to watch a movie, so I think this stands a good chance of being completed then.


  1. Sounds like you're off to a good start enjoying your spring break. I slept in this morning too -- it was sooooo nice! Love your AotH -- it's gorgeous!

  2. I hope that you have a great break. It sounds like it's starting out to be perfect! Enjoy the sleeping in and the stitching too. AotH looks wonderful!!

  3. Enjoy your Spring break. Your AotH looks fabulous.

  4. Enjoy your spring break! I love relaxing time at home doing what I love to do. AotH looks great!


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