Last week, my husband had to have eye surgery on a semi-emergency basis.  Since he was an add-on to the surgical schedule, we knew we would be waiting quite a while.  The night before, I gathered up my stitching things to take along and for the life of me, couldn't find the scissors I keep in my "traveling" bag.  I knew it had been with me when I went to my guild meeting, but it was nowhere to be found. They were missing until I got home and remembered that I now keep them in this great bag*  that I got from Stacy at our guild's exchange in December.  Seems the only thing that has  truly gone missing is my memory.  And I didn't put in a single stitch on anything during the six hours of waiting.

*The bag is from a pattern called Snap Happy.  It's made with a carpenter's ruler so that the closure snaps open and closed.  The pattern has three sizes for the bags.  It's on my list of projects I want to do this year.  The scissors fob was from Francine, another member of the guild as a thank-you for driving her to retreat last spring. 


  1. Some of my friends and I have made these little bags. Easy to make, cute, and useful. I like the colors on yours.


  2. Love the bag and the fob. Sorry you didn't get any stitches in but hope your DH is doing well!

  3. I do hope your husband is doing well.
    Such a cute bag, but sorry to hear you didn't get in any stitches!

  4. Hope your DH is recovering from his surgery. Sorry you didn't get any stitching done. Sometimes reading is just as good. Don't you hate when you misplace things? I misplaced a bag of Christmas ornaments I still can't find them!!!!! UGH! Love the bag. Clever opening!

  5. I hope that your husband is recovering well. Sorry you didn't get any stitches in, but I find I have a hard time stitching when I'm in situations of waiting. I usually stare at the TV or work sudokos to keep my mind busy!

  6. I hope your husband is recovering well after his surgery! Love the bag--I need to get my supplies organized so they're all in one place. I do keep an emergency pair of scissors in my car, and a pack of needles. Hope all is going well!


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