You know that feeling when something is so close you can almost taste it?  That's how I'm feeling about my upcoming spring break.  Only 1.5 more working days and I'll be sprung.  As of 12:30 tomorrow, there will be no lesson plans, parent phone calls or paperwork for a week.  I have a few things planned for the break--we're being treated to a special dinner tomorrow night and we have theater tickets for Sunday afternoon.  I've got appointments with a doctor and a dentist as well as for a haircut.  But there will be lots of time for stitching and quilting and a  trip with friends to the fabric shop.  All three of the kids will be home at the end of the week for Easter.  What could be better?


  1. Oh that's great! Yes, my DS will have spring break next week too. Not my DD though. Have a good break!

  2. Having a spring break sounds wonderful! I know you'll enjoy every minute.

  3. hope you get lots of time to play Susan!

    Enjoy Mel


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