Order Among the Chaos

As I've written several times before, my work life has been pretty crazy this fall. When I've had time to stitch, I've been drawn to projects are made up of lots of small squares, like Postcard from Paradise and Rainforest Crunch, a needlepoint design I found while stalk-stitching
Coni on her Spinster Stitcher blog. There's something so satisfying about completing each one of those little squares. Who knows, if this work situation continues, Nova* may come off the WIP pile and get finished.
*(No affliation with this shop, just a good picture of the design.)


  1. It's so pretty! I've seen Nova in person in some of my friends' houses who do needlepoint. It's an amazing piece. I can understand how doing a little square would be a good way to destress.

  2. I love the colors in this piece!! I have never tried needlepoint, but if I did, I know this would be in my pile!

  3. I like this piece - and I think "section" stitching does create the feeling of accomplishment! Hope you had a great time on your shop hop - show us the stash!!

  4. Can I buy the pattern off you when you're done?


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