A Finish!

Postcard for Paradise (Blue Ribbon Designs) is done! When I started this a year and a half ago, I thought it would be so easy to do three of the squares a day and knock this out in a month. Wrong! But it was a fun stitch--until I did the border all the way to the bottom right corner and realized it wouldn't meet. That's when I went back and found out I was supposed to be doing that herringbone stitch over three threads and not four. I wondered why I wasn't getting good coverage. . . Since I had done some of the top and some of the left side correctly, I decided to frog. It was a pain, but I like the result so much better. So this goes in my to-be-framed pile. I have a great framer, but I haven't given her much business this year. It seems I can't get myself motivated to prepare things to take in (you know, clipping threads on the back, doing a final check to be sure every stitch is crossed). I think I'll make it a New Year's resolution to get caught up on framing. This piece is intended for the bedroom we are making over into a guest room. So when it does eventually come back from the framers, perhaps it will spur me on to completing the decorating of the guest room. See what all those little Xs lead to?


  1. Nice finish Susan - I always think oh I'll just work on this and get one motif a month done or some lofty goal like that - and it just never happens for me. Oh well - the occasional finish keeps me going. Enjoy the season ! Mel

  2. Fantastic finish, Susan! I'm in the same boat--I always think something is going to take a LOT less time than it actually does. But, we get there in the end. ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. I should stitch that Lion King, but right now I have a knitting fever, that bothers me.


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