On the Move

It's been a while since my last post. My husband and I have been on the move the past few weekends, spending time with each of our children. I went out to Gettysburg, PA, in the middle of October to watch our second son run in a cross country meet. The course is actually laid out on part of the land you see in the picture here. This the third time I've made the trip to this particular meet and it's become a favorite--an easy drive, lovely fall foliage and a course where I can see a lot of the race. This year, the race fell on the Saturday of my son's fall break, so I brought him home with me. During the break, he had surgery to remove the pin that was inserted when he broke a bone in his hand last summer. The surgery was delayed a bit when he lost consciousness as the IV was inserted. His heart rate is really low due to running and also to a medication he takes. The plan had been for my husband to drive him back to school in the early afernoon, but we ended up taking him back in the early evening. It's about a 5 hour round trip and we're not used to these late nights!

We had barely recovered by the next Friday when we headed to Washington, DC for parents' weekend at our daughter's college. It was the first time we had seen her since August. She talks to us nearly every day, so it didn't seem like that long, but it was wonderful to see her. She's happy and much less stressed than in high school. An added bonus was getting to hear her practice with the jazz band she's in. We also got to meet up with friends who also happened to be in DC for the weekend, and we got to know our daughter's roommate a little better.

And finally, we spent a fabulous weekend in Pittsburgh with a family friend. Our older son came along for the trip and even though he slept in the car most of the time, it was great to be with him. The weather was terrific and sunny on Saturday (it's usually pretty gray in Pittsburgh). Part of the purpose of the weekend was to watch the Pitt-Louisville game. We were Louisville fans because of our friend and even though they lost, we had a good time. The people in Pittsburgh are so friendly and I love visiting there. And I managed to stitch two more needlepoint ornaments in the car on the way home. What could be better than good friends, family and stitching?


  1. Wow, you've been doing a lot of traveling! Nice that you've gotten to see your kids during the various trips.

  2. Glad to hear you've been having some fun - hope you are enjoying that fall weather and color. Melody

  3. Really sounds like fun. How different our life is when we have empty nests!


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