Here's the last carload of stuff to leave our house. Last weekend, my husband and I loaded the van for the third weekend in a row and drove up to our older son's new apartment in Brooklyn. The trip went smoothly until we crossed the Verranzano Bridge. We zigged when we should have zagged. Or more correctly, we think we should have crossed on the lower level and not the upper. But I don't think we'll ever really know for sure. We were enjoying the drive along the bay and pointing out the sights, including Coney Island, when all of a sudden we were past JFK and seeing signs for Long Island. Definitely not where we wanted to be! Through the magic of cell phones and Google maps, my son was able to guide us to his place. He' paying rock bottom rent for Brooklyn, and believe me when I tell you that his room is miniscule! Oh, well, he's young, he's not there that much, he's paying month to month and maybe, just maybe, he'll get a raise soon so he can move on and I can relax. But how sweet it is to have him only two hours* away (and to have our basement empty.)
*Unless of course, one's husband doesn't listen and stays in the right lane at the toll booth and NOT the left one as he was directed and the red van ends up on Staten Island on the way home. But then again, I've always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.


  1. Moving the kids sure can be a job, can't it? We have to move our daughter back to college this weekend. Ugh! lol! Funny how husbands don't listen sometimes isn't it?

  2. sounds like a fun adventure! In your last post you mentioned you stitched in the car - I am so envious of that. I can't hardly read a map without getting car sick.

  3. I hate that Verrazano Bridge!! When we were heading to Newark/Liberty Airport in August, we took a wrong turn and ended up in Staten Island via the Goethels Bridge. Yikes! I'm glad you got there safely in the end. :) I hope your son settles in well.

  4. I wish your son all the best. And to you and your DH too.


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