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I've gotta say that this empty nest thing has a lot going for it! After nearly 25 years of arranging our lives around the kids' schedules, my husband and I are enjoying the freedom of being "home alone." We took advantage of Philadelphia's Restaurant Week and had a lovely $35 prix fixe meal at Fork in center city. On a Sunday night. Since Restaurant Week is actually two weeks long, we're going to another restaurant in the city on Friday night. A couple of weeks ago, I found half-price tickets to a play and only had to check my husband's schedule to see if it was OK to buy them. We love coming home from work and throwing together a quick meal that pleases us. I love being able to get out of the house in the morning so I can get to school early when it's quiet and no one talks to me while I try to get ready for the day. I love being able to do things like going to the quilt show last weekend and not having to worry about who needs me at home. No sports practices or music lessons to worry about, no having to think about who has to be picked up when and where, no homework to nag about and best of all, no having to plead with and threaten reluctant teenagers to get them out of bed in the morning. Please don't tell the kids how much we're enjoying this!


  1. lol! I have to say I envy you! I'm looking forward to the empty nest -- and yet dreading it like everything. Two more years for me till it happens. And by then, who knows -- maybe the college kid will move back in. lol! HOpe not! Enjoy that empty nest!

  2. Good for you! Glad that you are enjoying yourself.

  3. Good for you! It is a period of adjustment that you seem to be adapting to quite well. All those years of juggling people and schedules we had to wonder when was our turn. It is here now! Enjoy

  4. Oh boy, Susan, I am almost there now that my child is 17...there is already so much more "freedom" with having a driver and indpendence with him now....but I miss the little cuddle-bug boy sometimes! Enjoy this new found life!


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