Early in August, a good friend and co-worker who knows that my husband and I are foodies and that we were about to be empty nesters alerted me to the dates for Restaurant Week in Philadelphia. I immediately snagged a reservation at Le Bec Fin, one of the finest restaurants in the city, if not the entire nation. My husband had been there for business dinners, but I had never had the opportunity to go. As it turns out, I had to spend a good part of Friday in a meeting with a lawyer due to a lawsuit brought against my school district by parents of a former student. Reminding myself that we were going to Le Bec Fin that night helped me get through the meeting. My anticipation was high and I was certainly not disappointed. We were seated in the main dining room which has wonderful high ceilings with gold trim. The ceiling height helps with the acoustics so that even though there were probably 50 people in the room and the tables are fairly close, it felt like we were alone. There were legions of people waiting on us and the chef, Georges Perrier, wandered around the room occasionally. Each course had wonderful presentations and flavors. From the butternut squash soup with pickled pumpkin seeds to the whipped cream on the key lime tart, the whole experience was simply exquisite. The added bonus was that a three course meal during Restaurant Week was $35 so that both of us ate for less than the price of one meal at regular prices. Who doesn't love a bargain? Le Bec Fin will be closing in July, 2011 so I'm really glad we had this opportunity. I hope each of you got the chance to indulge yourself a little this weekend, too!


  1. Yumm. Any night that I don't have to eat my own cooking is a good night to me--but that looks like it must have been particularly scrumptious!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us your experience at this awesome restaurant - who doesn't love a bargain and a foodie one at that! Melody

  3. I hope you had the most awesome evening.


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