Tonight, It's All About the U

Ninety percent of the time I can totally ignore sports. I don't much care how the Eagles or Phillies are doing and the Sixers and Flyers are pretty much non-existent to me. But I am a closet college football fan and when my son went tot the University of Miami, I transferred my loyalty from the Nebraska Cornhuskers to the Hurricanes. So tonight I'm planted on my couch stitching away on Postcard from Paradise while I watch Miami pound the Pittsburgh Panthers. Go 'Canes!


  1. Hey Susan.....I will meet you on the playing field next Saturday as the "U" comes to Death Valley to be demolished by my beloved Clemson Tigers!

    Well...actually I will be on a plane flying to Scotland but hope that it is a good game! May the best team win!

    Happy stitching and hope you enjoy this win.....

  2. I admit it, I'm not a huge sports fan, but what portion of me that IS a sports fan is a diehard Philadelphia fan--no matter what sport. Out of deference to my beloved pup, I won't cheer for Michael Vick. Hope your team does well this season!


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