Catching Up

The past ten days have been over-full. I had to finish up my paperwork as well as pack all the accumulated things of 19 years in one school. It took 60 (!) boxes and yes, I did some purging. Some of the paperwork's not quite finished, but an hour or two on the computer will take care of that.

School was out on the 11th, the same day my older son came in from California. On Monday, I put him on a 6:15 train to New York so he could talk with his company about job possibilities there, and then got ready to attend my daughter's high school award ceremony. After taking her to lunch, I helped set up for the post-graduation party. Tuesday was spent making sure my daughter got to graduation practice and my husband picked up my son from the train. I drove 180 miles round trip to pick up my son from his camp and then we all attended graduation. Yesterday, I took my older son to the airport from his 6:00am flight and then drove another 180 mile round trip to be sure my son got back to camp by 9:00. Whew! I rarely nap, but yesterday, I needed to.

So, I'm spending today catching up--on the newspaper, on putting things away and beginning to clear up the clutter from the things that accumulate at the end of the school year (my son's college stuff, my daughter's high school stuff and my own stuff that I don't store at school), taking things to the cleaners, getting prescriptions filled, etc. In short, all those little tasks that have to be done.

Also in the spirit of catching up, I'm showing my Perkiomen Valley quilt. This was a class I took in March, 2009. I got it back from the quilters in January or so and bound it right away, but never showed a picture of it, although I did show one block in this post. I used Wildflower Serenade from Kansas Troubles for the green and a Thimbleberries for the ivory contrast. Since I didn't have much of a stash when I started this quilt, I purchased quite a few fat quarters for it. I had some fun finding novelty prints for the things I love--some suitcases for travel, chocolates, coffee, books. The half-square triangles were made with Thangles. I am attempting to learn something new with each quilt so I mitered the border on this one. Now that I had a much larger stash, I'll be doing this pattern again sometime.


  1. You've definitely been busy! Whew! I think this time of year the busyness always gets bad. Love your quilt -- so pretty!

  2. I love your quilt! Lately I've really had a hankering to do a quilt with a lot of different fabrics. Yours looks great!

    It sounds like you are definitely busy. This time of year always seems to be with everyone getting out of school and the fact that you're packing up so much stuff sounds daunting.

  3. I got tired just reading about your days!

    Your quilt is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful quilt! I love the different fabrics in it. Hang in there with all the hecticness... roll on summer! :)

  5. Holy moly! You deserve a nap and some time off. It is a wonder some times when we look back at what we do in a day or a week at all we is amazing to think we got it all down. I for one wish there was a weight loss/diet that worked when you drove the car! I'd be tiny!!! Hope you can take time out to re-coop. And your quilt is beautiful.


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