What's in Your Bag?

Anna asked this question and though I'm late to the party (hey, I've been busy!!), I finally took these pictures when I was home during daylight hours yesterday. This is only one of my stitching bags, but it's the one that travels in my car and to guild meetings. It's from Tarzhay and has served me well over the last few years. Right now it contains a Kathy Schenkel canvas ornament project for the eventual Advent tree, an over-one project that has no business being in the travel bag (it was a guild project that hasn't been moved into the stitching basket beside my couch), a Lights of Advent ornament (in the Q-snaps) along with a working copy and a bag of threads, my name card for guild meetings, two pair of scissors, a Vera Bradley wristlet containing packages of needles and a doodle cloth.


  1. Quite a bit in your bag, but you'll be prepared for anything! I saw Anna's challenge, but hesitated in posting anything. I have too many bags! LOL

  2. That's a lot of projects you've got going but they all look very organized - unlike mine!

  3. So, did you put the over one project back in? Or did you take this opportunity to clean the bag? ;) Thanks for playing!


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