Sorry I've Been MIB*

*Missing in Blogland

We've been busy people at my house getting college applications sent off. It didn't happen without a lot of drama and a very rare fight between my daughter and me. My poor husband finally negotiated a truce. But I swear these children are programmed to engage in behaviors during their senior year of high school that makes you want them to leave (and the sooner the better).

Then there's been an on-going home repair problem that still isn't resolved. Plus a wedding last weekend. And work--there's always work.

I finished a quilt top for my daughter and took it to the quilter's last week. I spent some time laying out the 100 blocks I made earlier this year and got an arrangement I like so I've been sewing those together. I also realized that my daugher is turning 18 at the end of December and I had planned to make this for her. It's a Lorri Birmingham design that I got at Heart of Cross Stitch or CATS. I'm planning to use it as the top of a jewelry box which I also bought from Lorri Birmingham. Here's my progress so far
I think panic will be ensuing shortly.


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