Happy Thanksgiving!

A happy Thanksgiving to my readers! I hope your day is filled with blessings from family and friends and wonderful food.
It will be just the five of us for dinner today which is fabulous. My older son wasn't able to join us last year and the table felt empty. He flew in from LA last Friday and it has been great to have him home. He's filled our house with his friends and we have loved catching up with them, too. His 5 year high school reunion is on Saturday night so I'm sure we'll hear lots more news after that. My younger son came home from college on Tuesday and after finishing a paper that's due next week, slept most of the day yesterday. Writing is a challenge for him so I'm glad he got this assignment out of the way.
Yesterday was a half-day for students at my school. Teachers had to stay until 3:00, but we were given time to work on report cards. I got about half of mine finished so I'm way ahead of where I usually am. Last night, I watched a movie (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past--it was horrible, so don't bother) and stitched on the Ornament From H*ll (so named because I had to frog so many stitches). The OFH is finished* and I'm planning to work on Winter Sampler during the rest of the long weekend.
The pies, one pumpkin for my middle son and one cherry for my husband are done. I'm off to start our turkey breast (none of us like dark meat) and enjoy my family.
*#8 finish in my 25-project challenge


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