We Need a Little Christmas

I mentioned in this post that I finished a needlepoint project because I wanted to work on something new during a few car trips this summer. I finished ornaments 6, 7 and 14 during the trips to my son's camp and to Newport. Ornaments 20 and 21 were earlier finishes. I took them all to the finisher this week and am choosing a few more to work on. These are by Kathy Schenkel and will be placed on an Advent tree. . .eventually.

I apologize for the delay between posts. Life intervened in the form of a lot of pain following a dental appointment. That issue still isn't resolved, but I'm going back today so I'm hoping it will be taken care of. We also had an overnight guest on Friday. I always look forward to seeing him as he is one of the most upbeat people I know. Another friend was over on Saturday afternoon which was a perfect day for sitting out on the deck. Due to the houseguest, I had to do a little extra cleaning, but I also managed to get out to lunch with a friend and cut out the pieces for a quilt I'm making for my sister for Christmas.


  1. Susan, I love your Advent ornaments, they are adorable and great take along projects! Good luck at the dentist today - it's not fun being in pain.

  2. Susan, these are adorable! Congrats for grabbing the opportunity while traveling to do them. Your advent tree will be so pretty.

    Sorry for the pain, hope the dentist helps out with that today.

  3. Susan - I love having a canvas work project for those times when hauling around a chart is not handy plus don't you just love the fibers you an use for needlepoint. Hope your dental work gets behind you and is providing some relief for you. Mel

  4. Those ornaments are so pretty! The advent tree is going to look fantastic. Good luck with the dental work - it's definitely not something anyone looks forward to.

  5. I wish all the best for dental department problems. They're not fun. I hope it is not a root canal. It is a big thing, I know.


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