Portions Toll or the Summer of 95, Part 1

The College Search Project has been launched in earnest for my daughter. This post should actually be "Portions Toll", Part 2 since we have already made a trip up the PA Turnpike and I-95 to northern New Jersey where we visited a Very Famous institution of higher learning that it would probably take a miracle for my daughter to be admitted to. Although, who knows, maybe VF will need a 5'3" brown-eyed blonde who has barely had time to breathe in high school to make their class of 2014 perfect. But I digress. The trip that is the subject of this post involved heading down I-95 for 5 hours on Thursday to visit my daughter's Top Choice and back up 6.5 hours today. Same 300 miles, but way more traffic today. We crawled north past D.C. and Baltimore. I bonded with the US Air Force Retiree in the small orange car with the knitted heart hanging from the mirror and the couple from PA in the blue SUV with Two Men and a Truck moving boxes in back. I'm sure they also have fond memories of my red minivan. I would personally like to be able to give a medal to the person who created E-Z Pass. Using mine must have shaved, oh, 5-10 minutes off those grueling hours in traffic. Doesn't sound like much, but believe me, those minutes are crucial when you've been driving for 5 hours while your teenaged daughter sleeps and listens to her I-pod.

We had a great time wandering the campus at Top Choice and my daughter confirmed her belief that it is the right place for her. Let's hope the admissions people think so also. I won't mention the city that TC is in because it would instantly identify the college and I'd like to spare my daughter further indignity if she doesn't get it. (Or spare the feelings of all the other great colleges she won't be attending if she does get into TC.) However, this city has a small shopping village that houses a needlework store, a quilting store, a bead store and a knitting store. Heaven!! I picked up this chart at the needlework store. I've had it on my list for awhile and when I saw the colors of the Valdani threads, I had to make a purchase. We also picked up these fat quarters for a quilt for my daughter and these for another quilt I'm planning A successful trip all the way around.


  1. Lovely new acquisitions, Susan. Hope the trip was worthwhile, even with all of that traffic and the miles traveled.

  2. Great haul!!!! I have that chart and it's so much fun. Reminds me that I need to get back to it! Love the fabbies too.

  3. I made the Quakers and Quilts earlier this year. What a fun piece to make! Now to only get it framed...You will love it, for sure! Faye

  4. I am happy you made such discoveries. I hope your daughter will get what she wants too.


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