Quilting Disaster

I have been making a quilt for my daughter for quite some time now. It was a learning experience as I had to "fussy cut" the fabric to make the block that you can partially see here. I had nearly finished it before I started a quilting class in March. That quilt involved cutting several hundred 2.5 inch squares and sewing them into 100 nine patch blocks. It took awhile and my cutting board was littered with the squares. I finally finished the blocks last week and cleared the cutting board so I decided to finish the top for my daughter's quilt last night. All I needed to do was cut and sew on two borders. All went smoothly until I was giving the top a good pressing and checking for stray threads. That's when I noticed the tear on the left side in this block. Aargh!!!! I have no idea how that happened! Fortunately, I have a good amount of this fabric left over due to changing the design of the quilt after I bought the yardage. So I was able to cut a new block and sew it in. Whew!! I'll show a picture of the entire top when my helpers are available to hold it up for me.


  1. Thank goodness you had more fabric. There is nothing more heartbreaking than running out of fabric when something happens. Can't wait to see the entire quilt.

  2. Lovely print, Susan. So sorry to hear about the tear. Glad you were able to get another square created for it. Can't wait to see it.

  3. Aw, Susan! I am sad for the tear. I am glad you had more fabric.


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