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My mother had two sisters, one six years older and one ten years older. Neither married and since their parents (my grandparents) both died when I was six, they spent most holidays at our house. Only the middle sister is still alive. When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and later, after Mom's death, my aunt was a great comfort to me. She'll be 91 in a few weeks. Last year, she had some health issues and gave up driving (!), and then several months later moved into assisted living. I try to call her every week. The last time I spoke to her, I talked about how my usual summer plans to clean the house from top to bottom weren't working out well. She reminded me that the housework will always be there and that I should really be using my free time to do things I enjoy. What a wise woman!! So I've taken her advice and I've been stitching, quilting and reading the days away with only small twinges of guilt now and then.

I put in a lot of time on the Keep Me Sampler (pictured here). There's a bit more progress since this picture was taken. I had some dye lot problems with the overdyed threads that have been resolved. (note to self: purchase extra skeins for these multi-year projects)

Last Sunday, I went to a sampler exhibit with some members of my sampler guild. We are stitching the Petit Sampling Etui as a guild SAL. When I was discussing it with another member, I realized I'm not nearly as far as I should be so I've been working on that.

And lastly, I've been piecing a quilt that will be my sister's Christmas present, and I finally, finally, make the backing for the quilt top I finished last year for my son.

I'll have to call my aunt and tell her that her advice was great!


  1. What a beautiful sampler, Susan! I don't know this one but I really like it a lot! And your Aunt is really wise!

  2. Susan your Keep Me is looking great! I love this sampler and most anything by Moira Blackburn. I think I have this chart but Maria Short is the MB sampler I have in progress. I agree with your aunt - life is short - you can clean when you need to otherwise relax and enjoy your time to do what you really enjoy doing. Have fun! Melody

  3. This is just lovely! I was using part of the border on this design for my House and Home SAmpler, and that has long since been put in a bag and ignored. I love this design altogether, but just stitching the border was lots of fun, and I loved the look. I will get to it eventually. Just wanted to tell you that your piece is lovely I hope yo finish it!! Also, I wanted to say your blog is very nice. Check mine has a link to some cool backgrounds that are very easy to add to your blog. Love and hugs!! Cathy Caldwell

  4. I am glad you're able to stitch again. One stitch at a time, and sooner or later the project is a FO.


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