Mother and Child Reunion

No, I'm not channeling my inner Paul Simon, but I am celebrating the return of my middle child. He was last seen snaking his way through the security line at the Philadelphia airport early on the morning of June 9 on his way to a summer research project in the Colorado Rockies. He was in a rather remote location with an elevation of 9500 feet and cell towers are few and far between out there. He communicated by e-mail sporadically as the internet was not terribly reliable and he called about every two weeks when he went to the nearest town. Let me tell you that ten weeks is a loooong time to go without regular contact. Even at 1:30 this morning, he was a welcome sight! (Not so much the large duffel and backpack full of dirty clothes). Now it's time to get him to the dentist and the barber (the beard has got to go!) before he heads back to college for his senior year on Monday. In the meantime, my older son will come home and the whole family will be together for the first time since May. Looking forward to a great weekend.


  1. Oh how great! Enjoy having the family together over the weekend. I agree on the laundry thing. My DD brought home yet another garbage bag full. She always says she'll do it, but I never believe she'll get it done in time so I always do it for her. lol!

  2. Doesn't happen enough in this household so enjoy, Susan! Even the washing!

  3. Enjoy the time ALL together, Susan...I can't even imagine the lack of contact yet - it's 'a coming' here, I'm sure now that I have an 18 year old!

    drat the blogger - won't take my address today on your blog (been happening sporadically on different blogs lately)...sherry

  4. Enjoy the time Susan and take a few stitches if you can and a belated happy birthday!


  5. Enjoy your time with your children, S.


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