I've been whiling away the summer and suddenly it's crunch time! My sampler guild is having an ornament finishing class on Saturday and I need to have a finished ornament. Here's my progress so far on Joy by Angel Stitching. It was in the JCS ornament issue in 2006. This one will go to my niece, but do you think I'll actually get three more done for my own children without a deadline hanging over me?One of the long-arm quilters I've used is having a sale that ends this weekend. The deal is that when I bring in at least three pillowcases to be donated to ConKerr Cancer, I will get 20% off on quilting. No limit on the number of quilts. I have six tops done so far (two of these were done last summer when this same quilter had a 3-for-2 special--didn't get the third one done and the other two never got quilted). If I can get this block pieced together with 34 of its friends, and add three borders by Friday morning, I'll be able to take a seventh quilt. This block was made with a 7.5 inch X-block ruler. It's a technique we explored in the Scrap Club I go to each month. Haven't decided if I'll use it again, especially since this quilt has been giving me fits. I just can't find the right border fabric even though I've been shopping for it several times. More on those shopping trips will come in later posts.

So, I have deadlines looming and what do I do? Pull out a charm pack and start a new project, of course. This little table topper is made from one charm pack with a pattern by This n' That. It was super easy and super quick and I thought my daughter might like it to brighten up her dorm room this fall once it's quilted and bound.

How do you manage deadlines? Do they inspire you or make you proscrastinate?


  1. lol! I love how you handle deadlines! You sound like my daughter. lol! No, I get extremely nervous if a deadline approaches and I haven't done anything about it. In general I'm pretty good about them. It depends on the deadline though. lolol!

    1. You're so much like me. It depends on the deadline. Sometimes they make me nervous, especially if I have planned I will get something done by the date XXYYZZZZ, and I must push it one year forward.

  2. Deadlines makes me wait until the last minute to do things. It's a really bad habit I am trying to break especially with my finances. I have done all the figures for my tax form but will I fill it in until the last week? Probably not.

  3. Your ornament is sweet - sure, you'll get it done for the finishing class. Looking forward to see how you finish "Joy".

    Sherry :o)

  4. Deadlines? If it weren't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done!! (I have improved on that when it comes to taxes since I have to get it all to the acct. so he will have plenty of time!)

  5. beautiful things you've shown Susan - ummm - I don't do deadlines in my fun world - I only do deadlines at work - in my personal life there are very few things I would feel pressured into a deadline situation - for me it would take the fun out of what I was doing. If I want to drift off to another project or switch craft - I do it with no guilt or regret - but that's just me - shiftless and irresponsible - Have a great weekend -melody


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