Aged to Perfection

That's the saying on the sign that my daughter hung when my husband turned 60 (60!) a few weeks ago. The sign stayed up for my birthday last Saturday. I don't know about the "perfection" part, but I certainly as getting more aged by the minute.

In years past, I've started a new project on my birthday. But you've all seen the list of my WIPs, so you know I can't justify a new start. I saw Robin working on this Lizzie Kate chart, The ABCs of Aging Artfully, during our guild meeting on Saturday. Since I already had it in progress, I pulled it out and put some more stitches in it. The plan is to do a letter per day--that's the plan anyway. I'm thinking that it will be made into a pillow to put on my rocking chair.


  1. You're not that old! The old ladies at the library always say, "Old is 20 years older than you are!" :)

  2. Happy birthday to you! Nice piece to stitch at that time of year. :D

  3. Susan, I hit "perfection" this year!

  4. Happy belated birthday! And that L*K chart is just perfect for a nice stitch on and after your birthday, lol.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday. I will look forward to watching your progress. I feel a little pressure to get at this more regularly now. We will have to compare progress. For now,it is the project I take with me. Hmmmm, a letter a day....not a bad thought.

  6. Happy belated bday, Susan. I like Anna's comment above...old being 20 years older than me. I have seen the L*K chart elsewhere and may just have to get that one!

    *blogger wouldn't let me select my google account so this had to be anonymous...but I'm's been doing that to me on various blogs lately - random, never a pattern. Can't figure it out.

    sherry :o)


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