My January Challenge

You may recall this post in which I decided my personal challenge this year would be to work on WIP for 15 days in January. I am happy to say that I successfully completed the challenge and can show you my work on Jane Longstreth.* This sampler is in the Vassar Collection, but was done by a girl who lived in Chester County, Pennsylvania. I was drawn to this sampler because of the colors in the flowers in the border, but also because I live very close to Chester County.

Jane has been a WIP for (ahem) some time. The chart called for 28 count linen, but I decided to do it on 36 count. Not usually a problem, except that I didn't account for the over-one parts of the chart. The lettering is not so bad, but the stitched in those flowers are tiny! The stems will eventuallyhave leaves on them, but the directions say to trace the leaves on the chart and fill them in with stem stitch. I'll have to re-size the leaves to fit the higher count fabric and that is what has left Jane languishing in my sewing basket for so long. I decided to take a deep breath and plunge in once again to get this finished. I'll be putting in another 15 days on Jane in February and find that I'm looking forward to it.
*I apologize for not taking this off the scroll rods to show you a better picture.


  1. Oh she's beautiful! I can see why you put her away before though. The tracing the leaves and filling with stem stitch would have stopped me in my tracks too. lol! Good luck -- hope you get over that hurdle!

  2. Your Jane is gorgeous. I love the colors too. Yup... I can see why she got put aside when you came to those stem stitch leaves. Wishing you courage and good luck in your next 15 day stitch on Jane. Can't wait to see a photo of those leaves.

  3. Kudos on meeting your challenge for January! She is a lovely sampler....look forward to seeing next month's.

    happy stitching...

  4. Jane's looking gorgeous, great progress

  5. Jane is such a gorgeous sampler! You have a lot done--you go girl!

  6. Your Sampler is beautiful, look forward to more progress.


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