Last Finishes of 2010

Sometime between Christmas and New Year's, I finished the September Bauble (SamSarah Designs) that had been in my traveling bag during the fall. This will be finished into a cube with the October Bauble on the opposite side. Of course, I still have to stitch the October Bauble, but there's lot of time between now and next fall, right? Finishing this project meant that I completed all but one of the new crossstitch starts I had during the year. The only remaining one is "Home is Where My Heart Blooms", a Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers.

My other finish was to complete the sewing on three ornaments. These were the ones I stitched to give to my children for Christmas. . .2008 (or maybe 2007?). What's worse is that they were hidden under the ornaments I stitched for last Christmas, so they've been on my work table for two whole years. I even had the backing cut out and all I had to do was make a twisted cord hanger and sew them together. Oh well, at least they got into the stockings on Christmas Eve which is more than I can say for the ornaments for 2010. Those aren't even stitched yet. Clearly there's no point in rushing these things when I can just dip into the stash of completed projects.


  1. " Clearly there's no point in rushing these things when I can just dip into the stash of completed projects." LOL! Story of my life! :)

  2. Love the SB ornament - so darling and your acorn piece is cute too - can't wait to see it finished as a cube with a companion. Have a good week ! Mel

  3. Congrats on the finishes! Don't talk about ornaments for the kids. Luckily mine don't keep track unless one of them gets an ornament and the others don't. ;) This year NOBODY got an ornament... and I actually stitched most of them. Geez louise! I plan to do better for this coming Christmas.

    Happy new year!

  4. I have been looking everywhere for Where My Heart Blooms by Blackbird Designs...Do you have a copy for sale or trade? Getting desperate here for finish my mystery sampler. Thanks for any possible help.


  5. Lovely finishes, congratulations


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