Stop the Insanity!

Have you all heard about this challenge starting in January? Robin, Anna, Coni, and Siobhan have either signed on or are thinking about doing this. 15 new projects in 15 days? No way, no how! OK, I'll admit that I did briefly entertain the idea of doing this (and yes, I am easily entertained). Robin's rationale really appealed to me and then there's the fact that I would get to make a new list of projects and I love lists. (Again, I was entertained by reading Anna's potential list of projects and being able to suggest revisions to it.) I certainly have 15 projects of a variety of sizes hanging out in storage tubs so this wouldn't involve buying any new stash. But those four ladies above actually finish projects. Me, um, not so much. Just take a look at my sidebar.

So here's my own personal Stop the Insanity Challenge for 2011. On January 1, I'll take out one of my WIPs, probably my oldest one, and stitch on it every day for 15 days. This might become a challenge I repeat every month and it might not. We'll see. Join me if you want. There won't be any real rules, just some progress toward finishing off all those projects.


  1. This is actually doable. One of the problems I have with the 15 projects challenge is that you would be limited to them throughout the year. What would you do when that 'perfect project' presented itself in June? I'm with you on this one!

  2. Stop the Insanity, LOL. YGG! Whatever works best for you. ;) I will cheer you on... and will probably be looking at your 2011 challenge for 2012. LOL

  3. I'm on board with ya! I have enough insanity in my life without adding any!

  4. Sounds good to me! I have to think about what I'm doing to celebrate the New Year. Definitely not the crazy challenge anyway! lol!

  5. I think *this* is a challenge I could get into. Maybe it would help get the WIP pile down to something more manageable! Great idea!

  6. Okay Susan thanks to you I am going to join in this insanity. I did say I was going to do much fewer exchanges and stitch for me instead. So here I go. Thanks for the intro onto it, although Catherine (aka DiamondC) had told me about it. Thank you so very much - this was just the push I needed.
    Patti xxx

  7. I love this idea! I will probably save it for 2012 due to commitments I already have for this year, but it's brilliant. :)


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