Machine Down!

When my nephew and his wife announced that they were expecting a baby, I, of course, decided to make a quilt for the new little one. The Schnibbles quilts seemed to be about the right size and I chose "Scratch" from Schnibbles Times Two. All it required was a charm pack or two, some background fabric and backing. I chose Barnyard Buddies for the charm pack and a very cute fabric with cows and pigs for the backing. My nephew is originally from Iowa, so the quilt was named "A Little Bit of Iowa." Aren't all those farmyard animals cute?

Well, I found out that those Schnibbles patterns are a little more challenging that they look. I had never done setting triangles but soon mastered them (in my opinion). My biggest problem was with the coin rows. They were supposed to measure 30 1/2" (which miraculously the 4-patch rows did), but mine kept coming out 31 1/2 or 32". After some fiddling, I got them to measure correctly and am pretty pleased with the pieced top.

Since this is a small quilt, I didn't want to send it out to be quilted and thought I would do it myself. Just a simple stitch in the ditch or maybe a quarter inch around the four patches. But first I wanted to practice. I pulled out a top that I had pieced during my guild's comfort quilt workshop last February and put it together with batting and backing. All was going well until I tried to sew over a safety pin. I truly thought that I had removed all of them after sewing between the rows. So my machine has been in for servicing since Monday and I find that I miss it. Especially since I have a snow day and I haven't been able to make any sewing progress. Will just have to content myself with organizing the sewing area and thinking about my next project or two. I think I see a list in the making!


  1. I love that fabric!! I made a baby quilt last year using it.

    Wonderful layout :)

    1. I am sad you had to send your sewing machine away. But it was for a good reason. I hope you get it back soon.
      The quilt is awesome! I am sure it will protect the little one.

  2. So cute! Bummer about the safety pin though. Hope you get your machine back soon.

  3. Rats! Don't you just hate it when your machine is out of commission? Even if you aren't using it, it stinks when your machine is in the shop. Hope you get it back before the next round of snow.

  4. AHHH Darn - another snafu to deal with and here we are at another weekend - oh well - I'm quite sure you have something else to keep you occupied right? Looks great - what darling fabric Susan - hope you have a great weekend


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